A Playful Gallery 11's Happy Hour

Reinvent your evenings with Gallery 11's Happy Hour, a playful affair from 28th November.
From 17:00-20:00, indulge in our selection of wines, beers, and cocktails at special prices.
Our highlight?
The 'Adult Series' cocktails, expertly crafted to evoke cherished flavors with a mature twist.
It's the perfect Shibuya sunset experience.

Our '"OTONA" Refresh Basil Squash' is a symphony of gin's juniper berries and citrus, infused with basil for a refreshingly aromatic experience. As dusk falls, embrace the '"OTONA" Rich Café Ball', a highball with a deep coffee infusion, perfect for sophisticated coffee lovers.These creations are more than cocktails; they're an experience.
Savor our '"OTONA" Fragrance Apple Jaune', blending childhood apple juice with the mystique of Chartreuse and chai aroma.
For a twist on nostalgia, try our '"OTONA" Bitter Lactic Drink', a bittersweet cocktail that revisits cherished flavors.
And don't miss our '"OTONA" Sweet Strawberry Milk', where Irish whiskey meets the creamy delight of strawberry milk.

Each sip is a journey through flavors at Shibuya's most enchanting hour.


Please inquire here for group bookings.