Where taste
escapes the frame

You’ll find all the answers.

What this gallery-like restaurant creates is a dining experience that interweaves the ever changing culture of Shibuya, in a way unique to the moment.

We offer multicultural cuisine made by skilled chefs celebrating local ingredients. We offer art and music that captures a Shibuya in the present progressive tense. Step out from the creative space of Gallery 11 and onto our expansive terrace, where you will feel liberated, enveloped in the Shibuya skyline.

Flavors that could only come from here. Scenes that could only be curated here. All served up on plate after plate.

Experiences you have never encountered before, stimulate your curiosity.


To create a menu brimming with creativity, we have assembled a team of chefs who have honed their skills through their unique journeys across the world. At Gallery 11 you can enjoy culinary gems you won’t find anywhere else woven together by our expert team from their years of experience.

  • Message from the chef

    I love the colors and the diversity of Shibuya and I get inspired every time I go to my kitchen here!!! I mix my childhood memories, the culinary and life experiences around the world with local ingredients and cuisine.

    My objective is to bring people from the neighborhood together and enjoy a delicious meal at any time in a fun and creative environment.

    Discover a new exciting food culture with me.


    Davide Di Dio

    Born in Naples, Italy.
    Davide came to Japan after operating his own restaurant in Italy. After working as a sous-chef at a luxury hotel in Tokyo, he served as head chef. The experiences he cultivated working across Italy, Britain, Spain, France and Australia have given his cuisine a unique accent. The international culinary experience on offer at Gallery 11 is something he expresses with rich creativity.


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